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Our Objectives

We started functioning seven years ago with some definite objectives. Those objectives we have declared on the day of our constitution. It is very essential that the rank and file of our organisation be well educated on our objectives so that our programmes and course of action be designed so as to aid it. These are the objectives of Campus Front of India. Being a member of CFI means we are taking an oath so as to act accordingly.

• To work for the Welfare and progress of the students in various parts of India

• to prepare the student community for taking up the role in nation building

• to inculcate moral and ethical values among students

• to promote peace and harmony in the society and to protect the secular democratic setup of the country

• to mobilize students to work for the development of the marginalised sections of the society

• educate the students about constitution of India and laws of the country

• to make students aware of human rights and citizenship rights

• to educate students about the problems related to the education system

• to strive for protecting the educational institutions from criminalisation and antisocial and Anti National influence

• to ensure peace and safety in educational institutions

• to resist and defeat the attempt of communal and fascist forces which creates polarization in the Indian society

• to educate the students regarding the nefarious designs of neocolonialism

• to promote intellectual dynamism and academic excellence among students

• to help poor and meritorious students in the studies

• to engage students in democratic struggles for their right to education

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